Screening rights

When do I need to request and pay screening rights?

As soon as you want to show a film outside the domestic circle, you must request the screening rights. This applies to associations in a club room, film screenings in classroom and school settings, as well as professional organizations that organize a drive-in.

Which films can I request?

Bevrijdingsfilms has an agreement with most, but not all, film distributors operating in Belgium. The general rule is that when a film is released in the Benelux, we can handle your request or refer you to the appropriate parties.
You can find available films to rent in our online catalog. We, however, manage the rights for many more film titles. If you can't find a title in our catalog, please request it through 'outside catalog'.

How far advance should I request a film?

We advice requesting the film at least two weeks before the screening date, so we have enough time to process your request and possibly deliver the film itself. Be sure to not advertise or promote your event until you have officially received permission.

Can I request multiple films at the same time?

If you are screening multiple films at the same location, you can request this with one form. You do this by clicking on the red 'plus' sign next to the first film title. For films 'outside the catalog', we provide a separate request form.

Why also Sabam?

Unisono separately requests a fee for the music rights (soundtrack) in the film. You can report this directly via the Unisono website, or we can arrange this at the fixed rate of €12 per film title.

Why can I only show a film much later than the cinemas?

Bevrijdingsfilms handles the screening rights of films in the 'second circuit', when they also become available for the Home Entertainment market. The general rule for this is 3 to 5 months after the cinema release. If you want to show a film earlier, you should contact the respective film distributor directly.

Must I use material (DVD/Blu-ray) from Bevrijdingsfilms or can I use my own?

You are welcome to use your own copy or borrow one from a local library, for example. The online catalog showcases which films we have available and on which format you can borrow them. This is an additional service that we offer. Please note, even if you use your own copy, you must still request and obtain screening rights.

What is the difference between a DVD, Blu-ray and a DCP?

A Blu-ray is similar to a DVD, but offers better image quality. It can only be played with Blu-ray players (or PlayStations). A DCP is the digital format used in cinemas and certain cultural centers. We can only provide DCP for titles distributed by us.

May I use Netflix, Disney+ or other streaming services to show a film?

No. Video On Demand chanels (VOD) are strictly intended for individual and personal use and may not be used for public screenings. Currently, you can only screen films via DVD, Blu-ray or in some cases through our digital screening platform, EC Play. Please inquire about the available options available when submitting your request.

Can I borrow a film digitally from Bevrijdingsfilms instead of on DVD or Blu-ray.

Yes, we have developed a digital platform called EC Play for this purpose. We are gradually building this digital catalog, so currently the selection is still limited. In the online catalog, you can filter by 'All formats' to see titles available on EC Play. Do you think a title is missing? Let us know, and we will explore the possibilities.


What is the difference between "besloten" and "borderel"?

The standard "borderel" rate is synonymous with a public screening. As soon as you advertise the event, your concept falls under this rate.

The exception "besloten" (“private”) rate is only applied under specific conditions and must be justified. For example, consider a local seniors' association organizing a movie afternoon exclusively for its members, with personal invitations.

What category does a school screening fall under?

If you organize a film screening as a school outside of class (in a multipurpose room, at an external location, etc.), your event falls under the "school screening" rate. If you, as a teacher, show a film in the classroom, the "private" rate applies.

Can I cancel a request?

Yes you can cancel a request free of charge up to 24h before the screening. For late cancellations, an administrative fee of €15 will be charged.

What if the screening did not take place due to unforeseen circumstances?

We take potential cases of force majeure into account. In such instances, we expect to be notified at the latest at the time of the event (e.g., via email).

I am organizing a film screening for a charity. Can I transfer all the proceeds?

No, we cannot make exceptions for benefits, charitable causes, or the nature of the organizer. If you charge an admission fee, a percentage will need to be allocated for the screening rights.

Account & billing

Can I track my requests myself?

You can find an overview of your requests under your account, located at the top right of the website. On this page, you will find three tabs: account settings, film requests, and film requests 'outside catalog.'

It is not possible to make changes to the film requests yourself. For this, please contact us via the contact form, email, or phone.

Once a film screening is fully processed, from request to billing, it is archived. If you would like an overview of, for example, the past year, please contact us via email.

How do I submit the necessary numbers (ticket sales, audience numbers, etc.)?

If you have a single ticket price or your film screening has free admission, you can submit the numbers through the website (located at the top right under 'account'). In the overview of film requests, you can enter the ticket price, revenue, and number of attendees for each title.

If you are using different rates (e.g., reduced rates, advance sales, combination tickets, etc.), please provide a report or Excel summary via email or upload it on the website under the correct request.

How does the billing process work?

The screening rights are calculated based on a few parameters, like the ticket prices and the number of attendees. Therefore, billing always occurs after the screening itself, upon receipt of a summary or report of the figures. This can be submitted via email or through the website, where the figures can be entered in the request overview, and must be completed no later than five business days after the screening.

Can multiple individuals be linked to a single account?

No, currently only one person or one email address can be linked to an account. If you are replacing a colleague and need an overview of their previous requests, please notify us. We will consolidate all the information under your account.