Adjusted rates valid from April 1, 2021

Screening Rights

If you want to show a film publicly, you must request the screening and pay screening rights. These costs are determined on the basis of the type of screening, the number of spectators and the possible entrance fee. You can download a complete overview here: Tarieven vertoningen 2021

Small, private screenings without promotion

    These are small-scale screenings for associations and local groups, for members and sympathizers, with no or very limited advertising (internal only). It doesn't necessarily have to be free.

    The minimum rate is € 30 per film screening (up to 20 spectators). Fixed rates apply for up to 66 spectators. From 67 spectators the rate will be € 1.5 per spectator.

    Public screenings

      When public promotion is carried out (press, social media, internet, posters, flyers,…), we work with a statement of income (45%) with a minimum rate of € 100 to 66 spectators. From 67 spectators, the minimum rate will be € 1.5 per spectator.

      Outdoor screenings

      Outdoor screenings that are organized on a smaller scale (max 100 spectators) pay 45% of the income, with a minimum guarantee of € 150.

      For large-scale outdoor screenings (more than 100 spectators) you pay 45% of the income, with a minimum guarantee of € 250.


          Screening License

          From 5 screenings per year, in addition to the copyright per screening, users must apply for a license (€ 50) for publicly showing DVDs or Blu-rays. Other users are considered casual users.

          If you have not applied for a screening permit in the current year and have organized 5 or more screenings, you will receive a settlement at the end of the year.

          Screening License Closed Circuit

          Closed circuits such as prisons, hospitals, travel buses, ... can apply for an annual license for the unlimited display of movies. Prices are on request.

          Screening License Exhibitions and Events

          If you wish to play one or more films or film fragments in a loop during an exhibition or event, feel free to contact us. The cost is determined on the basis of the duration of the fragments, the duration of the exhibition and the number of screens.


          For public screenings, the organizer can also be charged SABAM (for the copyrights Music in the film). Bevrijdingsfilms can arrange this on demand at the fixed rate of € 12 per film screening.

          Of course the displayer can take care of SABAM himself, but our experience shows that this usually turns out to be more expensive. Bevrijdingsfilms cannot be held responsible for non-compliance with the obligation.

          In primary and highschool, SABAM is not compulsory in class.

          Display Equipment

          You can also contact Bevrijdingsilms for screening material. You can rent the material from us, but you can also call on us to ensure that the screening runs smoothly from A to Z. You can download a complete overview of our material here: Tarieven materiaal

          Projection screens

            • Projection screens on foot: € 15 - € 30
            • Projection screens metal frame (inside and outside): € 90 - € 150


            Depending on the desired strength (ansi-lumen) and the number of spectators: € 40 - € 300


            • Blu-ray/dvd player: € 15
            • Speakers + mixing console: € 50


            • Rental dvd/blu-ray: € 4
            • Rental dcp: € 20
            • Shipping: € 4 per film

            Support (per employee)

            • Construction and dismantling: € 25 per hour

            • Film screening: € 50 (approx. 2 hours), per additional hour: € 25

            • Guidance (intro, moderator debate, ...): in agreement
            • Transport: € 0.40 / km (minimum rate: € 20)

            We will always be with a minimum of two employees for construction and dismantling.

            A VAT of 6% applies to the screening rights and permits.
            21% VAT is added to the rental of equipment and films.